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Welcome to Koi Creek Beadworks!

Hello! My name is Elise Strauss, and I have been making glass beads for several years. I am now lucky enough to be able to do it full time.

I read the following Navajo prayer once that has stuck with me over the years: "Horses make a landscape more beautiful."

This is such a simple, heartfelt prayer, and I have kept it for my own ever since I first read it. I feel that it is the animal kingdom that adorns this world, enhances its beauty and makes everything around us more meaningful.

Animals are the jewels of the earth, and they embody secrets and mysteries that we can only begin to understand.

I could spend the rest of my life, happily, trying to manifest my feelings for nature, animals, and my place within the world.

My work is the only voice I have to explore this, and I am never more content than when I am working on a project that I feel embodies this.


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